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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a 


We are a family of 6 who loves being together in the beauty of the great outdoors! We consider our Cavachons, Ginger and Biscuit, to be members of our family, and we love them very much. 

Our sire, Maximus, is a sweet and happy dark-red boy who lives in another town with his own fur-ever family.




A Family Story

Life is more about the journey than the destination, and along the journey, there are many stories to tell.  Among the stories of our family journey is one story that took 15 years to complete.  It started when our oldest son was just a year old and got a stuffed puppy.  Our neighbors named their dog “Ginger” so our son named his dog “Ginger” as well. 


Fast forward 15 years.  We have always been animal and pet lovers, but because of where we’ve lived, we couldn’t always have a pet of our own.  When we got settled to where we could have a puppy and we started talking about names, there seemed to be only one choice, “Ginger.”

It’s not a simple choice to decide to raise puppies.  “Can we do it?,” “What if something goes wrong?,” and “How will our kids handle it?” are always important questions to ponder.  We are finding that the answers to those questions tell another exciting story in our journey – a story of fun, adventure, laughs, and even licks; a story of curly hair, floppy ears, and button noses.  It is into this story that we invite you to come. We’re sure you won’t regret it!  We never have!

Jarrod and Ginger 1_edited.jpg
Jarrod and Ginger 2_edited.jpg

Available Puppies

Latest News: (March '21) These days have been exciting days in our house.  BOTH of our girls have had their litters of puppies!  Puppies everywhere!  Our kids are playing with sweet little wagging tails every day.  


Below are pictures of Ginger's 3 puppies.  They have been so much fun.  They're bouncy, and floppy, and make us laugh all the time.

Our newest girl, Biscuit, had 1 puppy this litter.  We have named him "Prince" and he is the most beautiful puppy in the world.  When he gets a little older, we'll put some pictures of him up.  

Watch for updates and use the "Contact Us" below for more information or to be put on our waiting list.


These are Ginger's 3 puppies.  She has been such a sweet momma and taken good care of them.  Since Ginger's name is a spice, our kids decided to name her puppies after spices as well.  Please meet Basil, Rosemary, and Sage.  The puppies are $3,000.

Basil is the boy in the family.  He is darker colored and super sweet.  He acts tough but is still a little shy.  He likes to chew on his sisters' ears!

Rosemary has the most beautiful face.  She is the  princess of the family and prances around like she is wearing a tiara.  She is not shy of the camera!

Sage is the cuddler of the family and has the lightest coat.  She is content to be held and snuggle up in our daughter's arms.  She has the most adorable curls around her face!

Basil - "I'm moving to south Texas!"

Rosemary- "I'm moving to Indiana!"

sage- "I'm moving to California!"

What People Are Saying About Cavapoochons 

Chelsea -

The cavapoochon is "this adorable miniature dog that looks like a puppy forever."

Lisa - Mansfield, Ohio

For a dog owner, the cavapoochon is a dream come true.

Felice - Life long dog lover

I must say, owning dogs my whole life, I have never met a smarter, easier dog to train.



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Past Puppies

Here are some pictures of "Scooter" who recently found his fur-ever home above Dayton, Ohio.  His new momma said of Scooter, "This has got to be the smartest puppy in the world!"