What Is A Cavapoochon?

"Cavapoochon" is not a breed recognized by dog registration associations.  It is considered a "designer breed" and has been bred for its superior physical and temperamental qualities.


A Cavapoochon is a combination of three breeds.  The dam (female dog) is a Cavachon - a cross of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise, both considered quality family pets.  The sire (male dog) is a red/apricot toy Poodle.  The blending of these breeds avoids many of the genetic issues pure breeds have and produces a beautiful house pet with the following desirable traits:

  •  They are the perfect size - between 10-14 pounds.

  •  They are hypoallergenic - good for people with allergies.

  •  They have a thick, luxurious soft coat.

  •  They are non-shedding / very low shedding.

  •  They are happy, friendly, and good with kids & other pets.

  •  They are intelligent and easy to train.

  •  They are adorable!  They keep their puppy traits well into adulthood and have been called "Forever Puppies."

Jordan and Ginger.jpg

Why Choose

Bluegrass Puppies?


One word is all it takes: family.  We are NOT a puppy mill.  Ginger is our puppy.  She sleeps with our kids.  She's our family pet.

We raise healthy, top-quality puppies that are vet-checked and up to date on all their immunizations. They are born and loved in our home and will be ready to be a special part of yours!

We live in the heart of rural Kentucky where the puppies have lots of room and time to play, explore, and grow.


How Does All This Work?



Adoption Deposit and Waiting List

We want to help everyone know the joy and companionship of a beautiful Cavapoochon puppy! 


A non-refundable, $500 deposit is required to be placed on our waiting list.  Once a litter is born, puppies will be chosen in order of the waiting list.  If there are not enough puppies to exhaust the waiting list, the list will automatically transfer to the next litter.  Deposits may be paid through Paypal or check.  (Checks must clear the bank before being placed on the list.)

Please contact us if you have any questions about this process.  We want it to be an exciting and enjoyable time.


Pickup and Delivery

It's time to adopt your new Cavapoochon!  Puppies will be weaned and ready for adoption around 8 weeks old.  This is a wonderful time for the family as you welcome the puppy into your home!

Before the puppy is picked up or delivered, all adoption fees must be settled.  Please allow 14 business days for checks to clear.  We will include with your puppy a small blanket, a toy the puppy has learned to love, and a small bag of food.

Because it can be traumatic for the puppy, we will not use shipping companies for delivery.  We can, however, make arraignments to meet you or hand-deliver your puppy to you at an airport near your home.  (All delivery costs will be the responsibility of the adopting family.)

It is a thrill and great responsibility to adopt a puppy.  It may be helpful to consult your veterinarian or a good book to assure the best care possible for your new pet.


Healthy Puppy Guarantee

We want to provide a vibrant and healthy puppy to all our adoptive families and use only quality and healthy dams and sires.  If something is wrong with your puppy, we will work hard to remedy the situation under the following stipulations.

  • Each puppy will be vet-checked and up to date on all immunizations and care before adoption.

  • Once received by the adopting family, the puppy should be seen by a local vet to assure safe and healthy arrival (within 7 calendar days).  The puppy should be under the regular, routine-based care of your local vet.

  • If, within the first two years of adoption your puppy is found to have a genetic disorder or disease which has been diagnosed by your vet, the puppy should be returned at the owner's expense to Bluegrass Puppies where we will then follow up with our vet.

  • If the genetic disorder or disease is confirmed the 2nd time, the adopting family will be placed on the waiting list to receive a new puppy.  No refunds will be given.