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Upcoming Puppies

All of our current puppies have been reserved and gone/going to their new families.  We want to congratulate our new families and look forward to the updates as your fur-babies grow.  Below are pictures of our last litter.

We expect to have new puppies born around March and ready to go home to their new families in June.  Click HERE to submit your information to be included in our digital newsletter.

Huey (Lime-Green Collar)

Huey is energetic and playful and wants to explore.  His handsome face and black nose make him look like a living teddy bear.  He has a white bib on his chest and soft, curly hair.  Life is better with a puppy like Huey close by.

"RESERVED" for the Laverty Family in MA

Dewey (Orange Collar)

This sweet boy is the darkest of the litter and his coat is stunning!  He is solid copper except for a tiny white accent on his chest.  His dark nose and waggy tail make him irresistibly cute.  He will be your best friend ever!

"RESERVED" for the Bush Family in VA

Darker on his face and ears, this curly boy loves to cuddle close.  His apricot coat is a soft blend of dark and light accents and is a wavy as they come.  He is the mid-size of his litter and loves to wrestle everyone!

"RESERVED" for the Burns Family in GA

Louie (Dark Green Collar)

Daisy (Paisley) (Yellow Collar)

Daisy is the most beautiful girl!  Her facial features resemble her Cavalier grandmother.  She has a soft milk-beard (white accent on her chin) and dark, curly ears.  Her snowy-white-tipped feet are accented against her copper fur.  She will be the princess of your family.

Reserved for the Webb family

Pansy (Hot Pink Collar)

This little lady is gentle and sweet and loves to be held.  Slightly larger than her brothers and sisters, her beautiful, blond fur is luxuriously soft.  She would be the prize-puppy in any palace and the life of any party in your home.  

"RESERVED" for the Aufderheide family

Clover (Magenta Collar)

Slightly smaller and teeming with energy and spunk, this little girl will melt your heart!  Her silky coat might be the best in the litter with dark accents on her ears and white accents around her eyes, chest and feet. Her petite features and floppy ears make her exceptionally beautiful.

"RESERVED" for the Jones family

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